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Technical service 2012/05/28
Technical service

One, pre-sale service:

1 my company free of charge for users to provide technical advisory services.

2our company provides a variety of technical information should be able to meet the buyer on the design, installation, commissioning and operation, maintenance requirements.

3invites customers to visit our company to product design, manufacturing processes, product testing and quality management system.

4 invited users visit my company sold products unit, to the use of the observation unit.

5my company can appoint an experienced technical staff according to the actual situation of coal and guidance of spring vibration isolation component installation and debugging.

In two, the sale of services:

The product manufacturing process, inviting the user to relevant technical staff to our company for manufacturing process in each process of inspection, and to users of the technical staff to provide product testing standards and testing results.

In three, after sale service and favourable conditions:

My company is willing to high-quality products, constant technical progress and dedicated customer service from all walks of life to have knowledge of the official service to obtain the trust and support. To ensure that you rest assured that the purchase and use of our products, but also to further strengthen our company's corporate image and realistic spirit, specially make the following commitment:

Since 1, the date of signing the contract we will in the shortest possible time delivery.

2free to users of technical advisory services, free on-site service, free on-site training services.

3in the warranty period if the product fails, we will be the fastest vehicle in the shortest possible time arrived at the scene of the accident, to solve the problem.

4 in the warranty period after the product needs maintenance, we will provide the best products and the lowest production cost of wearing parts.

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